Update - Modification to Custody


Just in case anyone wanted to know the outcome.

Father filed a Motion to Modify Custody when I notified him we were moving to FL (I was laid off and took a job with a competitor in FL). Father had never exercised visitation on a regular basis (typically 4-5 hours on Sunday afternoon every 3-12 weeks) and had only had the girls for a dozen overnights in 6.5 years, but he remarried last year and his new wife doesn’t like that he has to pay child support and thought they could get custody and I would have to pay them!

We had the final hearing for the Modification to Custody on Friday (6/5). He didn’t even bother to show up for his own hearing and the case was dismissed.

A year of time, energy, stress and a whole lot of $ for no reason whatsoever.

He only called the girls twice last month and has not called since 5/18. He initially indicated he wanted to come here for a few days in June and then in August, then back-tracked and indicated he didn’t have the $.

I am so very thankful to have this over with and my children and I can move on with our lives. All the traveling back and forth between FL and NC for hearings is done - at least for now. I still have a Show of Cause for child support in August, but I get a break for a couple of months.


I am glad to hear you ended up with a positive result, and wish you the best moving forward.