Valid supeonas

I’m in a divorce with man that I now know how has pathological problems. He thought he had arranged things where he would be in complete control of all matters when he left his family for another woman. I will not go into the various fraud circumstances, misrepresentations, etc.
Question: THere is undoubtedly evidence on his cell phone records of at least one paramour, and most likely porn and other women.
His phone is a company phone, but not he’s not a private detective or anything…it’s construction.
He is moving to quash the subpeona for cell phone records with the claim there is private and personal matters relating to the company.
It’s his only cell device, and is on his ear or hip at all times. It’s his personal and business line, and only one at the times relative to the court case.
Does he have a chance of this being allowed? I’ve never heard of the law protecting the guilty or withholding relative evidence to a case in court,
or do you think this is a stall tactic?

Unless the company he works for has a valid reason to keep the records out of court the motion to quash will be denied. In my experience the court will order the records to be released.