Value of houses


We bought two houses during our marriage. We separated in Feb 08 and have not been able to agree on the value of the homes. With the current market here, real estate values are still decreasing. I proposed that we sell both properties and divide the proceeds. I am currently living in one home and paying the mortgages of both. Will I be forced to value the homes as of Feb 08? There are no common children and none at all residing in either home.

Thank you.


The issue of the children will not bear on the values of the home. The proper value is the Date of Separation value minus the passive depreciation , so you will essentially be using the current values.


For any one looking to see the value of their house or their ex’s house or any house for that matter go to and just type in the address and it will give you up to the day market value, sq. footage of hosue and property- market history- comparison houses and you will also see a view of the property and prices of surrounding houses.