Marital Home Loss in Value after Seperation


I have a question about a marital home. I am currently seperated but am not divorced yet. I moved out of my marital house then my ex moved in and has been residing there for almost 6 months now. He pays all of the bills there and has locked me out of the house calling it his residence. My name is still on the mortgage as we have not settled out the ED stuff yet. My question is this, in our ED settlement for the house does my interest in the value of that home go back to the date of my moving out, or am I responsible for the loss in value up to the time of divorce? What if he puts the house up for sale in the next month or two, does that change anything?

Thank you.


The home is valued at the date of separation, however any passive loss in value (market depreciation) will also be divided between the two of you, no matter who lives there.