Value of retirement

I am a Federal Retiree, from the USPS. I have two questions: 1: I worked for 33 years, was married for 10 years of that time. The value of my retirement contributions at retirement was $105,078.00. What is the value of my wife’s claim for her portion of my retirement? Is it based on the value of contribution or my monthly annuity? 2: I am on a disability retirement. I read from by a Supreme Court ruling that Military Disability Retirement is not to be used for alimony purposes. Are all Federal Disability Retirements covered under this ruling?

Since you are all ready retired it would be based on your monthly annuity. Are you CSRS and FERS? Off the top of my head, I would think she’s only entitled to about 1/3 of your annuity, because 2/3 of your service was prior to this marriage? You might want to email/call OPM with the disability part of your question.

The marital portion of the pension will be determined by dividing the number of months that you were married that you contributed to the plan by the total number of months contributed to the plan.

Disability pensions can be considered marital or non-marital. It depends on whether you paid money into the pension. I do not know of any federal rule that says that a pension will not be used for alimony purposes.