VAWA - citizenship after 3 years but remarried - HELP

Now, here is the case:

  • The person married a US citizen and received a resident card on 08/26/2006.
  • The person left the marital hourse in 04/26/2007 because of being abused by her husband but still was married to this US citizen.
  • The person received the permanent residency through VAWA in 06/08/2009 to remove her conditional residency. The person has now a permanent resident card which says “resident since: 08/26/2006”.
  • The person was married with an abusive US citizen until they divorced in 06/29/2010.
    Now (02/2011) the person wants to ask for citizenship. The person wants to apply under the VAWA law because she doesn’t have the 5 years yet.

If she can already apply under the 3 year rule; can she marry her boyfriend who is in the US with a F1 student visa before applying for citizenship, and also put her mother and father in the form N-400?

Or will it hurt her citizenship application if she marries her boyfriend now under the 3 year VAWA rule?

Thank you!

This forum is limited to issues of family law. I cannot give advice regarding immigration law or how to obtain citizenship. I would advise you to contact an attorney who specializes in immigration law.