Need advice

Marry for the last 11yrs, found out at the 5yr of marriage tht my husband was still married to his first wife whn we got married, remarried in the USA in 2000, so legally only married for 6yrs, we hve 2 sons.
Husband has been verbally, physically and emotionally abusive.
He finally moved out in Feb, i just couldn’t put up with his abuse anymore.
Problem is he is a Permanent Resident of the USA, i am not a legal resident, have been asking him all along to file for me and our older son and he never did, one of my sons were born here, now he said to me yesterday he is glad he never filed for us.
I need to know wht my legal rights are to divorce, child suport and aligmony i live in NC. He pays our rent right now, but don’t know how long tht will last. He has his own business. I don’t work , casue by law i can’t.