Violating a Consent Order

I have a Consent Order in place for Visitation and my ex continues to just disregard it. He is supposed to have our children from 12-27 to 1-2 per the consent order. I was informed by him this week that he will be traveling and that the children can’t come over during that period. The agreement clearly states that in the event that we can’t agree on visitation the custody agreement is what prevails. I have made plans to travel in that time period and now it seems that I am responsible to find a babysitter to take care of my children since he is refusing to abide by the agreement. I am frustrated. What are my options now since he has technically not violated the order yet but has sent me a text telling me he is not going to be here during that period of time. Thanks for any help you can provide.

There is absolutely nothing you can do to MAKE him exercise visitation; however, I would document it. You might not think you need to or will do anything about it, but you never know. I have heard of some people having clauses in their agreements regarding the cancelling parent being responsible for any costs incurred by the other parent. So, if he cancels and you had a cruise booked, he would be responsible for refunding you the costs if non-refundable.

I wish I had been smart enough to put something like this in place :slight_smile:

Lol rph…that’s funny you’re always the one DENYING visitation, calls & Skype!!! We should have this in place for you refusal to follow a court order, visitation etc!

You could file a motion for contempt and ask that for damages he reimburse you for the expense of child care.