Ex and I have a consent order for custody and visitation. We went to court and the Judge order that the ex can have our daughter for 2 specific weeks for summer. The order doesn’t not state a location to pick our child up. I am visiting family out of state. I informed my ex to meet me half way between the state he would take vacation and the state where I am now because it is closer than me driving back to NC. If he refuses to meet me half way or I refuse to driving all the way back to NC, can I be held in contempt? I let him know of the plans a month in advance by email but did not receive a response but I am sure he received it because it was sent to his work email.

If the Order does not specify where the child is to be exchanged for summer vacation you cannot be held in contempt in my opinion as you are not refusing to follow the Order.

Ex has rejected 2 locations and 2 diffrent times to meet staying he will not be able to make those times. I instructed him last night that I would meet him in the agreed upon city. I told him I would wait there for 6 hours. He said he still will not be able to make it. So I offered another location and time. He says he will not be able to make it. I even left a 2 hour window. The consent order only states the dates but no location or time. If I do not meet him at any time or location he suggests can I be held in contempt under those conditions. I drove 4 hours to meet him and waited at that location for 4hours then drove back.

I can’t say what any one judge will do, but in my opinion you have demonstrated an effort to allow your ex to have his custodial time and therefore can argue you are not in wilful violation of the Order.