Visitation and day trips out of state

I live in another state and children live in NC. I pick them up in NC and return to my home out of state for visitations. We take day trips to tourist attraction sites in neighboring states which is within 2 to 3 hours from my home and return to my home the same day. Do I have to inform my ex of these day trips and what we do with my visitation time? Is there a NC law requiring me inform her of these trips out of town? I do but I don’t feel I should have to share with her what we do on my time. She constantly nags my children when they get home about what was said and what we do on my time. I feel this is interfering in my life which is specified not to do in our divorce agreement. My children eventually tell her everything because she doesn’t let up on them until they do.

You do not have to tell the mother about the day trips or other details of your visitation with your children unless you have a court order or separation agreement that specifically states so. There is no law that requires you to tell the mother about the specifics of your visitation time.