Question regarding visitation and communication


I would like to know what rules there are, if any regarding the level of information that is required to be shared about visitation scheduling.

Beyond the pick up and drop off times and possibly whether or not you may be traveling out of state, is anything else necessary?
The children (both over 11) and I are all accessible by cell phone for emergencies.

I think one phone call per day is more than reasonable for the non-custodial parent during this time. I also think it is unreasonable (and intrusive) for the non-custodial parent to ask for exact details of plans during visitation time. (at what point could this level of intrusiveness be considered harassment?)

Thanks in advance for any answers!


I think that would depend on what the questions are about and what the reactions are to the answers. For example, if the non-custodial parent contacts the child to ask how their day was, where they went and what they did, to me that would just be a parent being concerned or wanting to be involved in their child’s life. If the parent is asking questions about you and then using that information to cause problems or argue with you, then yes, I think that would be harassment. If your ex is just contacting the child and having discussions, there’s little you can do, especially if the children have cells phones. You can not limit their time they spend with the other parent or the contact unless it is an unreasonable amount of time.
A parent can ask the child any question they want and though some of the information may be none of their business, it depends on whether or not the child answers the question.
If the ex is contacting you for this information, being an adult, you can tell them that it’s none of their business and leave it at that. Or tell them. In looking at the big picture, what difference is it going to make if they know some details of a trip? Just my opinion.


It is reasonable to allow one phone call away, and to notify the noncustodial parent of travel plans, beyond that I do not see that any more information sharing is necessary with respect to visitation.