More boundary issues

We, my spouse and I, are having problems with my wife’s ex-spouse. My wife is the custodial parent and he has scheduled visitation every other Thursday and every other weekend. First, we have asked him repeatedly that we only want him to speak to my wife about the kids. I have asked, and she has asked and we have even sent a letter asking that he not talk to her unless it is about the kids and via email or text. He has said that he “will have always have a relationship with her.” We respect his need to communicate about the children but he never stops there and is always asking the kids about our private information. He also calls the kids several times a day and observes no discretion or respect to our schedule in the house and is very demanding that he can talk to the kids at anytime regardless of what we as a family are doing. Some of his actions are borderline harassment.

We want to know any ramifications for him continuing to attempt to talk to my wife despite are request that he communicate via email and only about the kids.

Unless his words are threatening there really is not much you can do. You may want to consider filing a harassment report with your local police department.