E-mail Harrassment

Divorced for almost 2 years, wife has primary custody, dad has regular visitation i.e. every other weekend and one day a week. He travels from another state to exercise his visitation.

He is, (via e-mail,) harassing, name calling, degrading the wife and basically trying to paint a picture of a mother who who is unfit and “damaging” the childrens minds. We think it’s because he is trying to document his accusations to go to court for full/more custody. I would expect this to be a “he said she said”; when there is no “evidence” of mother being unfit. I will add that the mother does not smoke, do drugs or drink (she does socially only when the children are not in her care). She truly is a good mother and lives off of child support and a weekend part time job to be there for her children every day.

Is there any kind of restraining order, peace order, etc. that can be placed so that the only contact is about the children and their schedules and not his opinion as to what the mother may or may not be doing.

Also, can be done in a legal sense of him not sending children to school because “he” wants to spend that week day with the kids. . Voicing an opinion to him about keeping the kids out of school for personal gratification is like talking to a wall. His response is they are going good in school and it’s no big deal.


I am no lawyer by no means… (they will probably answer here with the legal stuff for you.) But I have a question for you. Have you checked into the school truancy officer and explain the situation. This person may be able to do something for you and could actually serve as an advocate for you… If you had to go back to court.
Just a suggestion… I think it might be worth looking into, so that you have documentation from a third party and this generally takes some of the he said she said to third party confirming…
Just a thought, to help you hopefully.
Any how… what could it hurt?

With respect to the emails the mother may want to consider contacting the local police via the non emergency number to file a harassment report, and should also consider changing her email address.

As for the issue of the ex holding the children out of school, this matter should be brought to the court’s attention by filing a motion for judicial assistance seeking the court’s aid in compelling the father to send the children to school during his custodial time.