Daughter looking for advice

My Mother’s boyfriend\fiancee is in the middle of divorce proceedings(6 months into 12 month separation). The soon to be ex had begun to stalk my Mother starting around October, when she showed up on my Mom’s front door and attempted a confrontation. That spawned into cyber stalking on facebook and barging into the pastor’s office at my Mom’s church announcing that she and her husband were having an affair. I’ve sat by and watched and lended my support to both of them. However, the soon to be ex has now begun to cyber stalk me as well on myspace and facebook, sending messages with information that is obviously 98% false. I have not been a part of any of the divorce issues, except being my Mother’s daughter. I need advice as to what I can do, as a 24 year old who has had enough with this delusional woman taking out her obvious failures as a suitable wife (for this specific husband)…especially with this disrupting my life and finding myself having to guard myself online and in person due to the chance that this will escalate in something more in order to hurt my Mother, and her fiancee. Thanks!

I see you have a crazy people magnet in you too. I have been in a similar situation. While you are waiting to hear from the attorney, please let me offer up a bit of advice.

First of all, if you feel that you are in any danger at all, contact the police regarding her activities and go to the courthouse to file a restraining order. And know that Cyberstalking IS a crime in NC. As is harassment. Document each and every note, letter, email, visit, etc and keep this information. You can keep voicemails on a digital recorder. And consider getting an attorney to assist you so that this woman can be reminded of all of laws she is violating. Your mother should do the same.

Good luck and be safe. These kind of people are mighty scary as they are very clearly unstable and not in control of their actions.

My advice is to contact the police in your area and file a harassment report. Keep documenting all the incidents of unwanted contact with this woman, and let the police know about each and every incident.