Wife Looking for Mr Right

We have had a very difficult marriage for 10+ years. To be honest I never really wanted this marriage but stuck with it. Infidelity has not been as big a problem as trust over the years. I did have an online affair for about 3 months around 1999-2000. It was a crappy marriage even back then and I was lonely even then. I have never been forgiven for the chat relationship. I have at times been miserable but I HAVE had to put aside my own needs for the kids sake and have been well behaved ever since. Wife on the other hand, I have busted her 10 times now soliciting and communicating with men (and women) for a way out of the marriage (she won’t work) on yahoo, adult friendfinder, craigslist and facebook. She forgets I have access to her email and I stumble across these emails back and forth. I’m not even surprised anymore, I just say to myself “Oh, she’s into women this week?” Whatever…

Anyway I was hoping to get advice as to how I should handle this step by step. There are 3 school aged kids involved and I want physical custody because frankliy, she’s also bi-polar and has anger management issues. I have all emails saved showing the various affairs over the last few years, audio files of verbal abuse and a diary of events.


The first step is to schedule a confidential consultation with a lawyer who practices family law. You do not have to stay in an unhappy marriage, and you may have a good case for gaining primary custody depending on the particular circumstances of your case.

I live in Johnston County too. You will be dealing with Judge Love. He is an interesting sort. He tends to side with the mother most of the time, but do not give up hope. He hates imorality, namedly infidelity. One question I have for you is this, Did you guys have kids after she caught you talking online to someone else? Have you guys relocated to a new home since then? If so it kind of throws all your worries right out the window.

I would love to hear more information about Judge Love in Johnston County. I live in Clayton. My wife has been cheating on me with several different men and I was instructed that this alone would not be enough for me to gain custody of my kids. That the courts in Smithfield would side with her because she has been the primary care giver.