Sincere Help needed!

Please…anyone!!! Help a stay at home Dad that is raising 2 kids ages 2 and 3. Mother has made life a living hell for everyone and I see that NC courts don’t care about the betterment of the children as long as there is financial support from the mother! I can’t even find a real lawer to fight for me with only my kids best interests involved!!! They all seem to know that they can get the best from standing on the side of the female!
WE accepted that my wife was going to be the financial supplier for our family, but now see seems to have ALL control over everthing regardless if we divorce! I do everything as far as raising the kids, shopping for everyone, house work and outside chores! My wife really does just work 50-60 hours a week to cover bills. This is home work mostly I’d say at least 95%! Outside of this she is just too tired to anything else!
We have tried counseling, but nothing better has become of it! Out of 3 different councels, nothing better has arrived. Separate councels have told us both that we are right. Where to turn???
Is there a TRUE Law firm that has the mans best interest in NC, or am I fighting a complete loosing cause for myself and my kids?