Score 50/50

Congratulations !!! Justice in N.C.??? That judge must have just moved there or something.
As far as you’re little girls stuff. You are allowed to keep some of her things there. The best way to handle it is allow her to have stuff in both homes and allow her to have items she can take back and forth. My son has some of his toys ( action figures) that he refuses to take home with him so they stay here the rest of the year. As far as furniture, it might be less of a hassle to just buy her new bedroom furniture and do up her room in your house a special way. Your daughter will appreciate it.

You don’t realize how fortunate you are.

Thanks hawk, yes i understand it is very hard to get this 50/50 in this state. Our Judge is also a female. And i have read about her and she is very good and has been around a while. but being who i am i know it was all God. He just put a set of truth Goggals on this wise woman.and she saw right thru my stbx. My attorney who is also female said she was surprised also. So you guys keep us in you prayers because i still have 14 years to deal with her.

I do have her own furniture and all. I have just been paying about $300 more than i should in cs. I just want some of the fine clothes i have already paid for. thats it and if not no biggie. My little girl is worth a new wardrobe.

Thanks again


Well i was known as Justme44. My stbx has spared no expence or ability to lie to try and keep my little girl from me. We went to court last week and the Judge who is wounderful saw right thru this stbx of mine. I had been thru 4 months with out even seeing my little girl, as an investigation was being done. unfounded and lies. then i could see my little girl but my mom had to be with us for 5 months every weekend. but this week i got 50/50 Praise God.

I just have a question about My little girls stuff. I should be able to have some of her stuff here. what am I to have. I can afford to buy all new. Stuff. IE. Cloths ,toys, stuff.

Well i do have the main part. My little girl who is 4.

any info would help.