Please help


Dear Neil:

I am not sure I see a question here, so let me suggest some marriage counseling. You may want to look at for marriage counselors and upcoming marriage related events.

Also, I would suggest that you speak with an attorney so that you can understand all your rights concerning your son, in the event that she does decide to leave the marriage. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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My wife and I are having a hard time. She says she is more and more certain she wants to get separated.

I don’t want to get separated. Our relationship is strained. It’s hard to talk to her about anything important as she gets emotional and angry and loses her rationality. We have sex, but that just seems to make it worse.

She gets on my nerves big time. We are increasingly becoming different and incompatible.

I do still love her though and want to be there for her, but she’s leaning heavily towards separation.

I think she needs help with her temper and her credibility, but getting through to her is virtually impossible.

But the most important thing to me is playing a very active role in raising our six year old son. Our parenting styles are so diametrically opposed, I don’t see visitation as something that I will want. Our son is gonna play her like a violin if they live together alone. She’s the permissive parent who doesn’t say what she means or mean what she says. I am the disciplinarian who doesn’t let much slide.