Visitation Contempt


I should have filed contempt last summer when my ex refused visitation at the time our states. I was shorted time plus our child was made to think that I was not returning him at the correct time.

He has stated that he is planning to not follow the the order this summer also.

What relief is possible to request?

Can I request that he be ordered to allow visitation at the correct time this summer and to allow the use of my “wild card days” on the dates that I wish without grief from the ex.?


You should file a motion for contempt. When you go before the court, you should present evidence that he has stated he intends to fail to follow the child custody order in the future, and ask in your relief that there be some remedy for you in the event that he does it again. I would also ask for any other relief you want such as the use of your wild card days as you suggested.