My ex husband and I went through custody mediation in July and an order was entered in August. He currently has them every other weekend from Fri. evening to Sun. evening. Since the order has been entered he has either had his cell phone turned off or changed numbers (he has been unemployed since June so it could just be turned off) and although he owns the house we lived in, has chosen to rent it out and live with his parents instead. Now the children are telling me that their grandmother has been laid off so their dad is staying at various relatives’ houses and sometimes he “forgets” to feed them dinner before they come home at bedtime (they are young children). Part of the order is that we will notify each other of changes in address and phone number. I feel very uncomfortable with not knowing where my children are when they are gone or even if there is a place for them to sleep or anything to eat. Also, our youngest child has a medical condition so the lack of a phone in an emergency is very worrying. Is there anything I can do? I’m not against him seeing the children, just of his inability to care for them properly right now.

You should talk with him about the situation and find out whether you can agree to modify the child custody order on a temporary basis while he gets his living situation back together. If you can’t agree, the facts may be enough to warrant filing a motion to modify.