No phone access to children


Can my ex change or disconnect their cell phones to keep me from communicating with them? They have no land line and ex has had a DVPO out on me due to 20 text messages in 3 days asking to see my children. Due to order, I cannot go to the house to see them. With teens being teens, we’ve had some issues but get more of a feeling that the ex is corrupting their minds. Either way, it seems my rights as a Father are being violated somewhere here. Please respond ASAP.

Also…Visitation is every other weekend. My teens are 15 and 17. Our parenting agreement states they have to speak with me before any change in visitation occurs. If I show to pick up the kids and they don’t want to go, can I still make them go. The mediator stated that the ex wife cannot interfere but I feel she may. Also, if they do not come out of the house, I cannot go in there to get them. They are minors and I am their Father but the courts have made me powerless even with my own children. Please Help.


If the order does not prevent you from having contact with the children you may. However if the Order is silent with respect to your ex providing telephone access you will have to go back to court to request the same.

As for visitation, your ex must make the children available to you at the prescribed times, but she does not have to force them to go. If you have not yet done so, I would suggest you file an action for custody, and seek an order requiring your ex to meet you at a public place to transfer the children to your care during your custodial time.