No contact with children

What can be done about ex cutting off my contact with kids? Kids were returned after summer visitation and phone was taken away from my child and I have not had contact since. I have tried emailing but I get no response from kids. I have tried phone but it is shut off. I pay for the phone. My ex refuses to acknowledge any messages from me so I can ask her to have him email me back but she won’t read it and doesn’t want kids speaking to me. What are my rights?

Read your custody court order or the custody section of your separation agreement to see what, if any, it says about communication with your children when they are in the physical custody of the other parent. Oftentimes court orders or separation agreements will address this issue. If you see that your ex is in violation of the terms, you can file a contempt motion (for a court order) or a breach of contract lawsuit (for a separation agreement), or threaten legal action if your ex does not begin to follow the order or agreement.

If you do not have a custody order or a separation agreement, the only remedy would be to initiate a custody lawsuit (if there is not one pending).