I can't talk to or see my kids. what to do?


I have been separated from my stbx for 14 months. But not legally separated. Beacause she is such a controlling person she will not allow me to see my kids or even talk to them most of the time. I was getting them about everyother weekend but that has stopped because she is mad again! I even bought my 8 year old daughter a cell so that I wouldn’t have to communicate with the ex just to get to talk to my kids but my daughter is only allowed to talk to me when my ex is sitting there so that she can monitor the calls and make sure that my daughter doesn’t say anything wrong. And it doesn’t seem that she is there with the kids often!
In addition to the fact that she isn’t there often and the kids are left with ex’s mom or sister most of the time, the ex has rented a home that needs so much work that there is only 1 bedroom available for use which is the ex’s room and the kids 5 & 8 yr old girls which are mine sleep on the couch in the living room and her other son age 13 (not mine) sleeps in the living room floor!
I am now ready to file for divorce which I’m probably gonna do without an attorney to possibly eliminate some of the attorney cost since I’m low on funds and do the child custody/visitation as soon as i’m able but until then I’m wondering if there is anything I can do myself to get my kids at least for visitation and if not what would I be lookin at price wise for an attorney to handle this?

Thanks so much for any assistance that you can offer!

You can file a custody action on your own, and may want to check with your county court to see if they have a self help or do it yourself clinic. Of course I would recommend that you hire an attorney if at all possible so you can be assured you make the process work for you including getting a hearing for temporary custody set immediately to put a schedule in place for you to see your children. Please contact our office for more information on the fees.