Soon to be ex not communicating!


I have been separated from my wife for over a year now. In that time, much has happened. Here is a brief summary.
We have a son, who is about to turn 3. He is my whole world and I get to have him every other weekend and a 10 day extended visit (which adds up to about 13-14 days every month.) My ex and I have been communicating up until this point, and since I am in the military (currently stationed in Quantico, VA) I have been using the on-base attorneys for what I thought was going to be a non-contested divorce. I have changed the separation papers for her 4 times now! While I pay 450 a month in child support, and have been paying alimony on top of that until now AND I pay/do all of the traveling to see my son, she is angry because her alimony has ended (due to what my attorney on base said I could do). She is the one who left, and she recently had a child by another man in October, before our year separation was up. We were married in NC. Suddenly, my ex has stopped communications about the separation agreements. She said she “can’t tell me” what she thinks about it. Sounds to me like she wants to go to court or is just delaying the process because her 2nd child’s father has left her and she is unhappy. I cannot really afford court since I took all the debt and have been struggling to recover financially ever since. I am lost and stressed and really need some advice. Basically, I have recently started a relationship with a wonderful girl, and I waited until after our separation was (what I thought) was nearly over to protect the both of us. If she would get the separation agreement done we could be divorced in a matter of weeks, she does not even have to come to the divorce hearing. I guess I will have to sue her for divorce,but I am just afraid of the court process and losing my son. I need advice! And probably a lawyer!


I agree, it sounds like you need a lawyer. Best of luck to you.


You may proceed with filing a divorce, and it will not affect custody. You may pursue an action for custody at anytime if necessary, whether you are divorced or not.