Wage Withholding

How can I get a wage withholding for a child support that was in a consent order? How do I do about doing this for my ex that is active duty?
Do I have to have a specfic reason to request a motion for wage witholding?

You may file a motion with the court seeking a wage withholding order.

In my Motion to Show Cause, can I request the Judge to modify
visitation since I am moving out of the state? I have primary
Custody and he is active duty. Is it necessary for me to file
A Motion to Change Custody? We already have 3 diffrent court dates
This month for ED, Show Cause and Meditation. If I have to do a
Motion to Change Custody, can I do it the same day as the Show Cause hearing
Or the ED hearing?

If your current Order restricts your residency to NC, or if the move makes your ex’s visitation impossible or impractical, or if he is opposed to the move you will have to make a motion with the court to modify custody.

Scheduling issues will have to be dealt with by the clerk, however it will likely not be possible to have a modification hearing set on the same day as a show cause.

How many days notice before the court date must I give the defendant for a Motion to change custody/visitation?

At least 10.

Business days?