Is there a form for modifying child support?

I looked at the web sight but I do not see this form listed.

IS there a form for this? Do we need to have pay stubs to present when filing for a hearing on this or do you bring them to a hearing and not give to clerk at the time you file?

Do you have to file a show cause for contempt or is that separate?

Thank you very much.

There are no forms per se for motions. To modify support you will need to file a motion which outlines your allegations of fact with regard to why support should be modified, and for the contempt, a motion which outlines your allegations of fact regarding the other party’s violation of the order.

There is no filing fee for motions.

Is there any advantage to filing a contempt of court or show cause motion? The consent order was supposed to be re-done on september 1, but the other party’s lawyer will not cooperate, won’t talk to me or agree to a new amount, even tho it is in the consent order.

I got the form for modifying off of and it has a notice of hearing at the bottom of the form. What if this lawyer still keeps stalling and will not agree to refiguring the support as agreed OR to a calendar request? Is it a good idea also to file contempt of court at the same time?

How long should a hearing to recalcuate take? One hour? I just want to get this done the fastest way possible but they will not cooperate.

Thank you very much.

There is not a form for a motion to, modify. You will have to create a motion which outlines your reasons for seeking a modification. Paystubs would be introduced as evidence at the heaing.
A motion to show cause is separate.

Is there any advantage to filing CONTEMPT of court?

I did the other paperwork but cannot file it because they will not return communicationn about calendar date. I cannoto file that in the meantime, is that right?

Is there any reason to ALSO file contempt of court?

If the other side is not abiding by the court order, you will want to file a motion to have them held in contempt of court.

You can file a motion to modify and a modify at the same time.

Do you mean file a motion to modify and a contempt of court motion at the same time

What does the contempt of court do? She gets sanctioned?

Thank you.

Yes. The court can hold a party in contempt for willful violation of a court order. The punishment is within the judge’s discretion.