Motion for Contempt

The Consent Order has been filed for divorce. Now I have been told that since child support has not been paid for three months, I need to file a Motion for Contempt but I cannot find any specific form on the NC Judicial system website. I can no longer afford to move forward with an attorney … not even the $199 on your site for coaching or I would. This has been very frustrating since the spouse has been allowed to resign from one school after another as a teacher because of accusations of inappropriate behavior with a student and I feel totally helpless with regard to supporting the children.

Is there an actual form or is it just done in a letter format describing all the incidents of contempt?

Please help.

There is no form per se, a motion should include the case caption and list the facts you allege that if true, would cause your ex to be in contempt.
You may also attempt to get Child Support Enforcement to help you.