Motion for Contempt-Charlotte,NC

I have a couple of concerns. I have typed a motion for contempt and wanted to know what can I ask for as relief since I am pro se. I did initially ask that custody be revisited but I don’t think the judge can do that. I can’t ask for attorney fees also. What are all the proper forms needed to file? I have the motion and the civil action cover sheet. Is that all?

Specific relief for motions and preparation of forms is outside of the scope of this forum. You should read through the local rules for Mecklenburg County to determine if any additional documents need to be filed with your motion. You should also consider utilizing Rosen Online for assistance with filing your motion. If you use Rosen Online, you can ask more pointed questions about the contents of your motion and the prayer for relief. In addition, if you want the court to reconsider custody, you should also file a motion to modify custody.