How to file a motion

I have the sample form for doing a motion to compel. I am not sure of the steps once that is completed. Do I go to the clerk of court and then they put it on the docket for court? Also, my ex is currently taking me to court for motion for contempt; can I file the motion with the court on that same day with the judge? Do I have to wait until the motion for contempt is heard before I file a motion to compel?

I am trying to do this pro se and I have no idea about the procedures. Any help you can give would be so appreciated.

You will file the motion to compel and then ask the clerk for a hearing date. You will need to file and send notice of hearing (and a calendar request depending on the local rules in your county) to the other side. You may attempt to have your motion set the same day as the pending contempt motion, the scheduling is determined by the clerk.