Motions in the courtroom


I filed a motion to answer to the contempt charge against me… filed the answer in the clerk’s office. I plan on making a separate motion to dismiss on a technical issue prior to the presenting of the facts. I think I need to have the Motion written up to present to the judge in the courtroom but do I also need to file it in the clerk’s office prior to trial? If so, can I file it the day of the trial? If I file the Motion to Dismiss and the other side obtains it prior to our appearance before the judge, I feel like she will correct her own filing errors and I will have been trumped. Along those same lines, do all motions presented in court need to have the Motion document and the Show Cause Order ready? Do they all need to be filed in the clerk’s office prior to trial day?


Any motion filed must be properly scheduled and noticed for hearing before a judge will address the issues contained therein.


I have a Show Cause Oder to me from the Plaintiff. It is for a civil contempt. I filed an Answer in the Clerk’s office. DO I need to send a copy to the Plaintiff’s attorney or can I just supply her with a copy of the filed Answer on court day.


You need to send a copy of any pleading or motion you file to the opposing attorney within 5 days of filing it.