Motions in court


If I make a motion for a dismissal due to whatever reason, do I need to accompany my verbal request with a form filled out according to Statue.
If I make a motion that the opposing attorney be held in contempt for violating aspects of the consent order, is this a Motion for Show Cause that can be entered on the day I defend myself for a contempt charge. Even though the specific charge that I face is very narrow and can be won on it’s own merits (in my opinion), if I use the element that the opposing attorney violated the consent order in order to bring this charge against me, and lets pretend the judge rules in my favor, can I leave the court having won on her complaint and proceed to the Clerk’s office and file a Motion to Show Cause against her for what I was able to prove in court. Or can I have the Motion ready before I make my argument, present it to the judge, etc.


After a motion is filed, you need to set the same on the court’s calendar for a hearing date. You will need to appear at the hearing and argue the motion.
A motion you make for contempt would be against the opposing party, not the opposing attorney.