Waiver of rights to retirements

Dear Jumper:

Greetings. If you are divorced from your ex spouse and she waived her rights to your retirement, she cannot come after your retirement now. There is one exception, which allows her to ask the court to tap into retirement accounts if you do not pay your child support, but otherwise you are fine. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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Thanks for the information thus far! I appreciate it (and no, attorneys don’t always get the bad rap [:D])

In my separation agreement, my ex and I both waived our rights to the others retirement/pensions, etc. Can she come back and request a portion of my retirment? I’m military with a minimum of 5 years left to retirment (I say “minimum” because I’ll more than likely stay past 20 years). Could she be awarded a portion of my monthly retirement check even though she’s waived all rights to it?