Want to leave the state


I am going through a seperation and have custody of two small children, I have stayed home with them since they were born for the last 5 years. I need to get a job and have had no luck in nc, I have family and a great job in another state, however the father said I can not leave. How do I go about requesting to the judge that I am able to leave the state in the best interest of the children?


You need to file a custody action and have a custody hearing. If a temporary order is in place, you need to schedule the permanent custody hearing. If a permanent order is in place, you need to file a motion to modify.


I only have a seperation agreement that we drew up our self and had it noterized, stating I had custody with him getting visitation…if I had a lawyer file for custody and ask the judge if I could leave the state how much would a lawyer cost to do just that?


The cost for a lawyer will vary depending upon the jurisdiction. You need to have a consultation with a lawyer in your area so he/she can quote you their fees.