Warranty Deed and Quit Claim

Hi. My divorce was finalized in July of 2011 as a “default” judgment. My ex did not request ED and allowed the 30-day timeframe to expire after he was served papers. My question is about my home. I purchased it while we were married, solely in my name due to my income and credit. He moved out when we separated and I have remained in the home, paying the mortgage and all associated bills. I have asked him to sign a Quit Claim Deed to remove his name (since his name was listed on the Warranty Deed when I purchased the house). My questions are:
-What if he doesn’t sign the Quit Claim deed?
-Does he has any “rights” to the house (ex., can he enter the home, can he dictate who else lives here with me, etc.)?
-I’ve found something in my research about a Quiet Title Action. Is that applicable? He may be moving out of the country in the next few months.

Thank you very much.

Your ex doesn’t have to sign the Quit Claim deed. If he doesn’t, he will continue to legally own half of the house, together with you as tenants-in-common. Obviously, this would give him a certain amount of control, so if he refuses to sign the deed, then you need to hire a real property attorney and possibly seek a judicial partition. A Quiet Title action may be applicable to your case, but a real property attorney would best be able to discuss with you your options in that event.