Wedding ring

Long story short. My wife who has moved out stated that her wedding ring was “stolen” a few months ago and last month reported that a big jar of coins that we had been collecting for 7 years was also stolen. She has done so many deceitful things that I strongly suspect she has taken both these things. She now is stating that she wants me to file both of these things on our home insurance and give her half the money from the claim ($3200 ring minus $1000 deductible). She has had an affair and I have proof of that. I am wondering if fault plays any part in the wedding rings or are they considered gifts regardless of divorce fault? In other words, b/c she is at fault for this divorce, do I get the wedding ring back that I gave her during our marriage ceremony?


Wedding rings are marital property. In North Carolina adultery is not a factor in a property distribution, and you are each presumably entitled to 50% of the value of both wedding rings.
I suggest you contact police, file a report and conduct your own investigation into the “stolen items” before filing a claim. Something doesn’t smell right about those being the only two items that were stolen.

One thing I wonder…is it the Engagement Ring or the Wedding band that she says is missing? I ask because my understanding is that the Engagement Ring is Her Separate property because it was given to her PRIOR to the marriage. And I know that my Engagement ring was worth significantly more than the wedding band (4K vs $100)…and my ex had no claim to my engagement ring because it was purchased prior to the marriage, and is presumed to have been a Gift to me prior to marriage.

Oh, and I agree with Erin…sounds mighty suspicious that those are the only items missing…

I am not a lawyer