Went on vacation to visit a freind


Hi! My wife and I are having problems. She has a very bad temper and attacked me forcing me to call 911 on her. I have a major health condition (failing liver, due for transplant in 6 months). The officer asked her to leave and stay with her parents who live next door until she cooled off. He allowed me to stay in our home. A week later she came back home but asked me to I could go stay with a friend and take a vacation. I said no at first because I didn’t trust her based on abandament although I did not move out. She said she would not do that and it was just so she could think things over. I called her and informed her that I was coming home. She said no you are not, my attorney told me to change the locks and the alarm code. She is a very violent person and apparently can’t be trusted. Question- Can she lock me out? And what if she becomes violent again, what should I do? I have all my clothing and property there.
Thank you!!


Since you did not move out, your wife had no right to change the locks, however I do not advise that you act on your own to return to the home. I suggest you file suit for Equitable Distribution and set a hearing for return of separate property. The judge will set a time so that you may collect your belongings with an sheriff’s deputy to escort you.