What do I do first


Hi, It’s coming up on 1 year since we’ve separated. We are in agreement on everything and just want this over. Can someone please help me figure out what I need to file first? I am doing this myself as there are no conflicts in anything. I’d like a list of what needs to happen/file 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on…



Call, or visit the clerk of court in the county you reside. He/She will provide you all the info, and forms needed. Most forms you can download from your county court web site. Goggle name of county + court.


You need to have a separation agreement or court order in place that handles issues of property division and spousal support. If you do not have claims pending for these issues or if you do not have an agreement in place, you will lose your right to spousal support and property and debts will be distributed as titled. If these are not concerns for you, you should move forward with filing for divorce. The process for doing this will vary by county, but generally includes the complaint, cover sheet, and civil summons.