What do we do now?

In an earlier post I had asked what options my daughter had. She wanted to visit us in Colorado but her husband threatened he would call the police for kidnapping. She made arrangements to have my wife come to North Carolina and help her drive home for a visit. Because he always threatens her she was just going to leave him a note saying where she was and that she would be back. He some how found out the day she was leaving and took the kids. He also has taken all her keys to the vehicles so she has no way to get around, he took her cell phone, and they have no home phone so she has no means to call. He then went and told some lawyer that she has been unfaithful during her their marriage and he now has temporary custody of the children. One of the children is only 5 months old and she has been breast feeding and bottle feeding him. Because she was forced to abruptly stop breast feeding she is in pain from being engorged. The military base assisted him in getting papers filed while she had no-one. Now he has her children… She has no job because she was raising their small children. So who can she run to? Where does a person go that has no one to assist her like the military? Her, her mother and I feel we may never see the kids again. Thank you for listening.

Rodney Fleharty

I am confused as to how her ex got temporary custody without a court hearing, unless he filed for temporary emergency custody. If this is the case, there will be a hearing set and it should be within 10 days from the issuance of the existing order. I would suggest your daughter go to the courthouse and search the filings to determine the specific nature of what is in place. She then needs to hire an attorney to represent her in a custody action.

He did file for temporary custody and has gotten it because the court felt she might flee! Our daughter hired an attorney that must not know much because she had our daughter sign an agreement that gave him overnight custody and every other weekend. She has Monday thru Friday and every other weekend. Kayla then went to Reed Warren who said she was an idiot for signing because it gives him primary custody and if it is not overturned soon he will be able to seek child care payments and will have the primary custody. He also said he would not take her case. She needs a good attorney but chances of that are slim due to she finances. She quit her schooling to raise her kids. She has been raising her children that was her work. Both of which look bad on her part. She has no family support close by. Where does she go to seek good legal assistance that may actually help her in keeping her children? Her husband wants only to win to hurt Kayla not because he has the children’s best interest at heart. He also just received a large inheritance after the death of his mother. So he wins! He has the funds to keep her from being the primary care in their lives.

You suggested she get an attorney. How? She has nothing but a great love her her kids. Where? Those that seem to know what they are doing are not cheap and, if like Reed Warren, will most likely not care. Who cares that the kids are going to to be in an unloving home just because the father wanted to see that she not have them.

Who cares that he calls his one year old daughter an “F…ing” idiot for trying to play with some of his belongings or screams in the ear of his five month old son telling him to shut up because he was crying.

It seems to me that your daughter has primary custody if she has the children Monday through Friday and alternate weekends, if this is the schedule she agreed to I would have had her sign the same document.

Your daughter’s decision to stay home with the children to be the primary caregiver does not make her look bad, it should be used to show her love and devotion to the children, whereas the ex clearly has some anger issues that could render him incapable of providing the children with their ideal environment.