What to do?

I am not an attorney. However, I had a friend who was in the same situation as you are now.

Please do not leave your children. The way I understand the law, if you do, it will be very hard for you to get custody. I suggest that you find somewhere to go and TAKE the kids with you. Call social aervice and ask about the home for battered women. Then go take a restraining order out on him. But do this without he knowing any of your decisions. DON’T even tell your children. My friend prepared to leave her controling husband for several months before she left. My friend rented a storage place for her personals and moved them as she got a chance. Cover up, so as your husband want know.

Somehow, someway, get away from him. Do not let him threaten you. You didn’t say how old your kids are. If they are in daycare or school, he could proable just go pick them up. You really need an attorney to file for temporary custody of the children. But this is costly.

Do call and get telephone numbers for the batter womens shelter in your area and talk with someone there. Hopefully they can advise you.

Be sure your husband can’t look at the telephone and get the numbers you call. The mane thing here is silence and cover up every step. No one should have to live under these conditions. If your husband goes on the computor and you are afraid he will see this post you can delete it.

God Bless and Good Luck!

Generally the person who has the children will end up keeping the children if things are going fairly well. Thus, if you leave without the children then you should not expect to have them later move in with you unless things are going very poorly with your husband.

Good luck.

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I need help. I am married to a very controlling man. He has caught me cheating but I really had my reasons.Still dont make it right I know. But he has I guess gotten over it and we are still together. How long can he hang this over my head.We have kids and he has let me know that I wont take them if I leave.Which he tells me to do all the time.But with no family or friends here. He wont let me have friends.Leaving is hard to do.He wont let me work.Says I get too independent when I work.He dont have my name on anything.Including the bank account and we have been married for 9 years in august.Even took my name off the deed to our house. Thats another long story.It has gotten so bad that I have thought of leaving and just leaving my girls with him.He wouldnt hurt them I know but me leaving them would.
What are my rights?? If I leave the kids with him while I get on my feet will it hurt me when I try to get them back??
Thank you to anybody that can just tell me where to start.