Cheating Husband...Can I take the kids?


My husband is cheating on me and is an alcoholic. I am positive of it, he has admitted to it. I do not know the extent of intimacy but there is a relationship. Anyway, I want to try and resolve our marriage if possible. However, I feel that the best way for me to make a point is that I will not stand for his behavior anymore and I need to leave. I am not ready for any legal action and I dont want to move out. I just want to know if it is ok if I take my kids and go to stay with my family for a short time (a few days maybe) and inform him that I will not put up with it and he needs to make a choice. Can I just go? Do I need to leave him a note? I dont think he will but I just want to make sure he doesnt try and do anything legal against me. I am a stay at home mom and bring in very little income. I just want to make sure my kids and I are protected. But this is emotionally damaging to me and my kids and it has to stop. Thanks.


You may absolutely take your children to stay with your family for a few days. I would suggest letting your husband know your plans, and ensure he knows you are not moving out. This will prevent you from losing the right to return to the home, and also will prevent him from filing an action for emergency custody, which would be appropriate if it was your intention to move the children to a different state for a permanent or indefinite period of time.