She had an affair and I don't know what to do

My wife has had an affair and seems set on leaving. I want to work it out, but I am afraid I will just come home to her and my son gone. The man she has had the affair with has a criminal record according to what little she has told me and potentially a drinking problem. I do not want my son around him under any circumstances. What can I do?

I still want to work things out but I want to try and be prepared for the worst.

Your best bet is to go ahead and schedule a consultation to talk through the particulars of your situation with an attorney. Even if you are trying to reconcile and are not ready to separate, it is always good to have a conversation with an attorney about the logistics of separation and child custody concerns.

As an aside, if you do come home and find your Wife to have fled with your child, you can file an action for emergency custody. Temporary emergency custody orders may be entered in order to provide continuing stability in a deteriorating situation, to preserve the status quo, to prevent a child’s removal from the jurisdiction, to return the child to an appropriate custodian, and/or to protect the child from harm, neglect or abuse.