What form to file for custody review and final judgement


My ex and I went to court last Sept. 2010 and he was awarded temporary custody of the kids for 6 months. the judge said we can come back to court after that 6 months and he will review the case and make a final ruling. The judge wanted to see if my ex and I could work together more regarding the kids. Well, I no longer have an attorney and want to file for this to be reviewed. My ex and I had reached an agreement for 50/50 custody but when his attorney drew up the draft for me to sign, there was extra things in there regarding child support ( he put in there that if I ever raised the support or any agency acting on my behalf tried to raise it that I would lose all custody and sole custody goes immediately to my ex.) so of course I am not signing this draft. I need to know what paperwork I would be filing for this to go in front of this judge for him to review the case and make a final judgement. Please help.


Contact the clerk and request that the matter be set for hearing on the court’s calendar. YOu will then need to send the notice of hearing and calendar request to your ex’s attorney.