What is Status Conference after Orders set? Procedural Stat?

My case has been ongoing. Judge finally ruled on settlement this summer. We have been waiting for it to be stamped and filed. No response and its four months later.

Then I get a letter saying the Court wants us to come back in for a STATUS conference. What is that and why if both of our attorneys had very minor disagreements that per my Lawyer wasn’t huge. My attorney doesn’t know why the family court office set it, said the age of the case dictates that a review be set. They don’t know why the Court hasn’t circulated the order yet.

If the purpose of a status conference isn’t to hear new evidence and for everyone to report on what the procedural status of the case is ---- what does that mean??

None of the delays from the lawsuit filed against me by my ex in August 2012, to court over three months in 2013 to final Judgment in 2014 to NOW makes any sense.

Please advise if this is normal process in Union County Courts.

Each county has its own local rules regarding procedure after orders are set and the purpose and procedure of status conferences. I would contact the trial court administrator and make these inquiries; does the letter state that the purpose is to report on procedural status and not to hear new evidence? If so, I would imagine that the purpose of the status conference is for the judge to understand why the parties haven’t been able to agree on an order to submit to the judge. The trial court administrator should be able to answer your specific questions about the status conference.