What steps should i take

My soon to be ex wife and i had been married for a year now, since three months ago, we decided to divorce, but until now we still living together,
things got really bad lately and she wants me to live the house in order to start, with the divorce process. the house we live in belongs to her, she bought it 2 years before i came.
I came to the united states, with a fiancee visa, got married the week after i came and received my temporary residence, months after.
my questions are,

  1. Can she forced me to leave the house.
  2. She wants me to sign a document stating that i dont want anything of her property, is that the right and legal thing to do.
  3. are her concerns valid, even when her house only belongs to her, am i entitled to anything, since i sold all my property in my country when i decided to married her and come the US.
  4. I have a temporary residence for two years of wich one is allready gone, since you have to live separated for one year in order to start the divorce process, by the time the yearof separation had pass by my residence will be expired, can i filled the divorce from my country.

thank you

She cannot force you to leave the home absent a court order, even if the house is her separate property, it is the marital residence and you have the right to continue living there.

Your marriage was a relatively short one, and it may well be that you do not have much interest in the martial estate, however I do not advise you to sign away any of your rights without first meeting with a lawyer.