When to file those Lovely Papers!


Spouse A & B
SIGNED said Separation Agreement on July 26, 2011
With a DATE OF SEPARATION of May 9,2011

Spouse B did not leave Martial Home until August 5,2011 awaiting aqeduate funds
From Spouse A to do so.

When can Spouse A file for Absolute Divorce?
It is believed Spouse A can file on May 10 2012 because the two parties have written
Agreement that that was the day their Marriage ended.

Thanks for your help,
Yours Truly,


You must be physically separated, so 1yr and 1 day from August 5, 2011.


Thanks Ryan but here’s a catch for you on that…

Spouse B orginally left martial home & marriage at the end of April 2011 making
It well known she no longer wanted Spouse A or the Marriage May 9 2011
And was living elsewhere.
Spouse B forced her way back into the Martial Home after her living
Arrangements with a friend had ended.
This is how the Separation date of 9 May 2011 came about.

then Spouse A did not leave again until August 5th due to her refusing to
Leave w/o $ this time.

Spouse B also file a false DV case against Spouse A in May stating she wanted
A divorce. (Case was dismissed judge saw spouse B was lying)

Can the May DOS be argued? Since Spouse B did leave & then forced her
Way back just to leave again?


And how cld it be argued?