Where to find info on Rule 59/60


I have new evidence (documentation) that was not available at trial. How do I go about properly getting this to the trial Judge? I am Pro Se also.

Judge has not rendered a decision yet, but is there a proper way to get this new evidence to the Judge? Is there a form?


There is not a form, but you may file a motion in your own words. Your motion would be for a new trial, and you must allege that you have obtained new evidence and that it was not available at the time of trial.


Part of the evidence was not available at trial and some of the evidence, (concerning the date of separation), was incorrect and can be documented that it was incorrect. This item was very important to what debts were outstanding on date of separation. Would I still file for a new trial?

Thank you.


If the date of separation was not contested at trial it cannot be addressed as a point of contention at this point.