Which would be quicker?

A divorce that will only sever the martial ties.


A divorce with a signed settlement agreement.

Either way what are the finality expectations for either scenario?

First, there is a one-year wait…minimum…for either. Depending upon how cooperative the other spouse is, you could accomplish both within the same time frame. If you cannot come into agreement about the terms of the settlement agreement, it could take longer. EIther way, it is probably cheaper to resolve ED, child custody, alimony, and support yourselves privately than to fight it out in court…and most likely less stressful too.

A an action for divorce takes anywhere from 60 to 90 days from the date of initial filing to the date of entry of the order dissolving the bonds of matrimony. The absolute divorce process is the same whether or not there is a separation agreement, however if property and alimony have not been settled via an agreement, you must file claims for the same with the court at the time you file for divorce, otherwise the claims are lost. The divorce itself can take place before the other issues are decided, but the claims must be pending at the time the divorce is granted.