Why hire lawyers who can't even defend themselves?


I sure wouldn’t hire a lawyer who allowed himself to be pushed around.

It’s automated account creation and posting. We had the same problem on our forums. It’s typically solved by making the user enter a series of random numbers/letters that’s generated on page load.

Rosen would have to implement such a thing in order for them to stop.

Another way that may help, is on account creation, make a new field that’s required and make it a checkbox. Baically, they have to check it manually in order to proceed. The automation programs fill out typical name/address fields.

Thanks, Vendico. Those methods are pretty basic stuff for anyone who runs forums. These forums have been spammed for months, and it’s getting worse every day. I can’t understand why they’re passively allowing the spammer bullying/abuse to continue without fighting back. I mean, they ARE lawyers and all, right?

Please - this is already a free service and now you are casting negativity on us for not deleting the posts faster? Good luck.

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What the heck is going on here?

If the Rosen law firm is powerless to defend themselves against spammers flooding their site with porn, how do they expect potential clients to have any faith in Rosen’s abilty to defend them?