Wife filed Complaint

Good-afternoon, I hope you will be able to answer my questions. My wife’s attorney has filed a complaint against me for custody, post separation, Alimony and Equitable Distribution and also her attorney’s fees. How do I respond to the allegations against me? Is there a form? or do I just do it on a separate sheets of paper? And do I have to go in person to file my responses at the court house or can I just mail them? Who do I send them too? There is no one specific, it just says “In The General Court Of Justice District Court Division”. I live in Mecklenburg County. I know I have to mail a response to her attorney. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated as I do not have the money at this time for legal counsel!!!. Thank You Again!!!

You need to file an Answer which admits or denies each allegation in her Complaint, and include any counterclaims for temporary and permanent custody, child support, post-separation support, alimony, attorney’s fees and equitable distribution. You need to file your Answer and Counterclaims with the court, and should send her attorney a file stamped copy. These documents are filed with the clerk of civil court under the file number on her Complaint. You must file an answer for those other claims, including a counterclaim for ED and AL, if applicable, within 30 days of being served with his complaint.

You may choose to utilize the DIY option on this website for further assistance and forms.

Thank You! Is there a specific form for the allegations to be written on?

No, there are is no form Complaint per se, but we do have sample documents you can use as a guide as part of our DIY subscription service.