Wife married to another at time of marriage

he can file for annulment since his “wife” was married at the time of their marrige. The divorce docments from her other husband should show the dates of the marriage you will need a copy of them I am sure. If he has children with this woman child support will need to be paid.
(check the divorce FAQ under the question “can I get an annulment”)

He should get a lawyer now.


Where can he go for legal help if he doesn’t have money to hire a lawyer. I am from Texas and have only been in North Carolina for 2 years. I am at a loss as to where to turn to for help in this matter. Thankyou for your response.

The man I am in love with has been separated from his “wife” for 7 years. I found out recently that she was married to another man at the time they were supposedly married. I am trying to find out if that voids their marriage and what legal ramifications there are in regards to child custody and property distribution and if he has to seek a divorce from her before he and I can be legally married. Her first husband has gotten a divorce from her and this has just recently become finalized. My man has avoided getting a divorce because he has been afraid that his “wife” will be vindictive and try to take his children and home away from him. I should add that she left him for another woman and had another child after the separation that is not his biologically. I appreciate any information that you can provide me. Thankyou